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Thomas M. Brems
Attorney, Brems Law 
Owner, Victorieux Champagne  Professor, import/export law at University of Maine School of Law

Thomas Maxwell Brems, Esq. 

Thomas is passionate about import & export, business, and trademark law. Adjunct professor of import & export law at The University of Maine School of Law (Fall 2018), and owner of Victorieux Champagne importation company and brand, Thomas has hands-on experience and knowledge in his practice areas of interest.

Familiarity with State regulators, industry leaders, and cultural practices of the New England alcohol industry provides Thomas a competitive edge in facilitating our clients’ alcohol sales compliance needs. Thomas was selected by the faculty of The University of Maine School of Law to receive the Intellectual Property Award for his class, and the Bride Family Fund Entrepreneurial Fellowship … twice! Thomas is comfortable with international issues in law and business, and can comfortably communicate in French.

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